27 March 2013
Key Notes: Rebuilding Christchurch

The Christchurch earthquakes have taken a huge toll on Cantabrians, but the rest of New Zealand is helping share the financial cost.  When it comes to pulling together and coping with a crisis, there is no country in the world I'd rather be in than this one.

Over two years on from the most devastating February 22nd quake, the progress of the rebuild of Christchurch is gathering pace.  If last year was about demolition, 2013 is certainly about rebuilding a vibrant city that all Kiwis can be proud of.

In my video this week, I talk about some of the great progress we've made in rebuilding wider Christchurch.

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Best wishes

John Key
Prime Minister

www. johnkey. co. nz

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#1 - Alan Good said:
2013-03-27 15:45 - (Reply)

It is not only Cantabrians that have suffered. Many people outside of Christchurch own businesses or property in Christchurch that have been affected and have suffered many of the same issues especially financially and this seems to have been overlooked.

#1.1 - Anonymous 2013-05-10 21:06 - (Reply)

Small minded comment , probably from an equally selfish small minded person living outside of ChCh

#2 - Daisy Graham 2013-03-27 16:13 - (Reply)

It's great that central Christchurch is being rebuilt, but I worry more about the poor people who have lost their homes. Surely they should take priority. They have already waited two years, some in most uncomfortable situations. Lets get them sorted first.

#3 - Wally 2013-03-27 23:01 - (Reply)

While it is good to concentrate on the rebuild and success stories in Christchurch don't forget the other people. There are so many other home owners whose lives have been destroyed by red tape bureaucratic systems. Take EQC for example that department has to be a prime example of how not to run a government. Eqc is too slow and is under resourced, background staff have nearly zero experience in anything. I hope Wellington does not get a quake because going by how EQC are running now it would bankrupt the country.

#4 - Dianne 2013-03-28 09:07 - (Reply)

It has been a very trying time for a lot of people, who have lost there homes and having to start again. Do keep up the good work for the families of Christchurch. I know your doing your best John.

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