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09 May 2013
Improving healthcare

When National came into office in 2008, we inherited a health service in crisis.  We've turned this around.  At the end of the day, the health of our families, and especially our children is important to all of us.

As Prime Minister, I'm proud that we've been able to protect and grow our health service at a time when many other developed nations are freezing or even reducing their investment in public health.

In my latest video I discuss some of the great results we've achieved for New Zealand families in health.


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#1 - Paula Wagstaff 2013-05-09 19:32 - (Reply)

Thank You John for the your effort on Health Care and especially Mr Ryall... Appreciate how you have detailed this on the video and you will mention it briefly on radio. The thing is most Labour/green supporters and youth do not and will not see this. May I suggest you start in the future putting these detials out in the gneral workplace of the NZ general population. Hlaf page in NZ Herald once a month, or some flyers at WINZ and doctor doctors helath deparmtnet all over NZ. When the general public can see charts and figures with this and 'other' amazing results National has achieved for all NZers, they will understand what you have done, how and why and what THEY have benefited from. As Labour seems to always twist and falsify these resutls, it does confuse these peole and they do not SEE clearly as they would with charts. etc. I have worked with children and families owrldwide for years, and have had to 'communicate clearly' to all types of families with all sorts of abilities and disabilities and get through to them clearly. I believe you need to keep this in mind, and it WILL I guarantee keep falshoods and confusing and lies at bay. Truth always wins, and when illustrated can be SEEN by ALL. This way you can take all the people with you. They will be on board.

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